Garage Door Springs & Cable Repair

After use for many years, garage door springs will at the end break and you won’t operate your door until it’s fitted with new springs. We provide garage door spring repair services, and you can count on us to successfully replace your broken springs with new ones. We strictly adhere to safety rules since it’s a sensitive exercise that can cause fatal injuries if it’s done recklessly. If in need of these services contact our Garage Door Repair Service team and relax knowing that experts are on the way.

What’s the Expected Lifespan of Garage Door Springs?

A big majority of garage door springs have 10000 cycle lifespan, and upon completion of these cycles, the springs will definitely break. If you operate it twice on a daily basis, the springs will last for fourteen years approximately. For four times a day, the lifespan will be about seven years. In a nutshell, the more you operate it, the more you reduce its lifespan. But as already said, eventually, they will break.  Do not dare to do the troubleshooting alone. Get the help of garage door spring repair specialists to do the job.

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Springs & cables work together to provide the force and support that’s needed for opening and closing of your garage door. That means that these parts should be inspected regularly and fixed if they have an issue. At Garage Door Repair Service, we do not repair and replace springs a lone. We also have garage door cable repair experts you can hire to inspect and fix any damaged cables. With us as your preferred service provider, your cables and other important parts will work well.

Let’s Service Your Springs & Cable and Extend their Lives

There’s no other way you can use to extend the life of your garage door springs & cables than seeking the help of experts to fix them. Garage Door Repair Service has the specialists you need. Let’s service your door and make it an efficient and easy to operate structure. We are prepared to give you the best we can and secure your garage with a strong and functioning door.  


Garage Door Repair Service prides itself on customer service. We work closely with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. Unlike many New York construction companies, Garage Door Repair Service is a one stop shop for residential and residential garage doors and gates.

We place a premium on giving every customer in New York our attention and care that exceeds expectations. There is no compromise in this respect and this is why we take up only limited projects that allow us to give the personal care and custom made solutions that we are so well known for.

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